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Katie HoffmanKatie Hoffman

Communications Major
Collinsville, OK

The opportunity to meet Tom Cruise may only happen once in a lifetime, and that opportunity fell into Katie Hoffman's lap in December 2011.

Katie, a junior at Rogers State University, grew up in Collinsville, Okla. with a dream to one day live in New York City. After taking a few classes at area colleges, she packed her things and decided to head to New York.

While waiting tables at a New York restaurant, an opportunity arose and Katie jumped right on it. Two men that worked for the Reelz Channel visited the restaurant Katie worked at and were in need of someone to work the red carpet premier of "Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol," starring Cruise.

"You should pick me," Katie said, and they did.

A few days later, they contacted her and she was off for the experience of a lifetime. Katie headed to the red carpet event, where she interviewed Cruise and the rest of the cast for the movie's premiere. At the end of her interview with Cruise, the star even complimented Katie on doing well.

"It was an amazing experience," said Katie. "It really taught me to be bold, follow your dreams and always have confidence in yourself."

A couple months later, in February 2012, Reelz contacted her again, asking her to interview for another event, a press viewing and junket for "Ghost Rider 2" with Nicolas Cage. The Reelz Channel accommodated her with a room in a premier hotel in Manhattan and an opportunity she would never forget.

Katie still keeps in contact with the Reelz Channel and hopes to have another opportunity in the future.

These experiences are what motivated Katie to go back to school and get the knowledge she needed to further her career aspirations as an actress. RSU was close to home with a results driven communications arts program.  

Katie began attending RSU in fall 2012, and she has already benefitted greatly from the many opportunities here. She works at RSU Public TV as a production assistant, and she is active in the RSU Theatre program. The hands-on experience Katie gets at RSU is helping her reach her dreams.

"Working at RSU Public TV has helped with learning the basics of video editing and the behind-the-scenes process," Katie said. "After just one semester, I am much more pleased with my resume and I am confident that I am making solid strides towards my dream career."

Katie starred in RSU Theatre Program's production of "Dave and Marsha" featured in "Original Recipe," a series of 10-minute original plays. She also was cast in the production of "Sleepy Hollow," written by RSU students Josh Gammon and David Prock, as one of the lead characters.

"The theatre program here is exceptional," Katie said. "It is giving me an opportunity to grow as an actor and develop my craft for when I return to NYC and LA."

See a video of Katie's interview with Tom Cruise.