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Lauren HagerLauren Hager

Medical/Molecular Biology Major
Belgrade, MT

My name is Lauren Hagar and I’m a junior at RSU and a member of the soccer team. I graduated in 2008 from Belgrade, Montana. I always wanted to go to college out of state but I never imagined it would be in Oklahoma!

I was playing club soccer my freshman year at Montana State and my coach at the time knew Coach Derek Larkin. He said that Larkin was looking for a few more girls to play so my friend Breanna and I came down and tried out for the team. We made it and are both still here.

I really love it at RSU. The growth since I have been here has been incredible. My favorite part about being here has definitely been the people. Back home everyone is so friendly and kind and that did not change when I moved here. People are open and welcoming and want to help you in any way they can. The friendships I have made here are going to last a long time.

I am studying medical molecular biology. I would like to work in the medical field and be a doctor. With such a demanding major it has been somewhat difficult to balance with soccer, but it has been manageable. RSU has a ton of resources and there is everything you could need to do well.

Coach Larkin along with the athletic and academic staff have been very supportive and I have found that if you are willing to put in the work and stay organized you will be just fine!