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Library Committee:

  • The Library Committee, which includes selected faculty and staff members, provides significant input concerning library collections and services.
  • Suggestions or requests for items can be made to committee members or Alan Lawless, Library Director.

Books & Other Materials:

  • The library core collection occupies the second and third floors of the building.
  • Holdings include: 77,000 books; 225 periodical subscriptions; 5,200 CDs & videos; 1,300 CDs.
  • Library has access to: 40,046 electronic books; 66 electronic databases.


  • Faculty:
    • Faculty members may check out more materials and renew them multiple times, since they may be using the materials as part of their courses.
    • Faculty may keep up to 100 books, 20 compact discs, 25 DVDs, 20 audiotapes, and 50 videotapes.
    • Books are checked out to faculty for 120 days and audiovisual materials for 60 days.
    • Faculty are encouraged to return materials by the end of the semester.
    • Adjunct faculty checkout privileges are the same as staff (see below).  Their patron record expires at the end of each semester.
  • Staff:
    • Staff and adjunct faculty are limited to no more than 30 books, eight compact discs, eight DVDs, eight audiotapes, or eight videotapes.
    • Books, audio books, and compact discs are checked out to staff for 21 days, and videotapes and DVDs are checked out for seven days. 
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  • For loan:
    • Laptops
    • Public Address systems
    • Video cameras
    • Digital Cameras
    • Video projectors
    • TV/VCR units
    • Computer projector
    • Audiotape recorder/player
  • For in-house use:
    • Poster maker
    • Binding machine
    • Video duplicator
    • Copy machine for library materials
    • Audio duplicators


Kelly Ewing
Library Assistant

Susan Parra
Library Technician