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Illegal Downloading

Plan to Combat Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Materials

Technology-based deterrent(s)

Academic Computing Services (ACS) NetEnforcer, a traffic shaping device. This software and our firewall blocks access to all known Person to Person applications.

Educate the Community

In addition to creating a webpage, information about Person to Person file sharing, including a reference to the webpage, is distributed to all students each fall by the Director of Information Technology. 

Procedure for Handling Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material

An initial notice of unauthorized file sharing triggers a contact from Academic Computing Services with the alleged offender asking the individual to remove the offending material. A second (and any subsequent notices) trigger an immediate port disable and the matter is referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs for action and the violation is handled within the guidelines of the University’s student disciplinary processes.

Periodic Plan Review

The policy and procedure are reviewed annually by the Director of Information Technology and revised as necessary to remain in compliance. Based on the monitoring data that ACS collects relative to network traffic as well as the volume of DMCA notices received, the review will assess the overall effectiveness of the University's policy and procedures to promote the legal use of copyrighted materials. Any changes to the policy and/or procedures as a result of the review will take effect at the commencement of the following academic year.