Residential Life

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Meet Your RA's

As Resident Assistants, we hope to:

  • educate residents and students of their full potential as responsible adults
  • motivate them to accomplish their life goals
  • encourage them whenever life wears them down
  • empower them to turn their dreams into a reality

We try to accomplish all of these things and more by participating in campus events and activities, and connecting on a peer to peer basis with our residents.

University Village A

Titus Massey

Community 111-213
Titus Massey




Wynter Littlejohn

Community 214-236
Wynter Littlejohn





Parker Sauvageau

Community 311-333
Parker Sauvageau





Andrew Hocutt

Community 334-434
Andrew Hocutt




University Village B

Garrett Montana Grivette

Community 5101-5130
Garrett Grivette




Erin Patrick

Community 5131-5220
Cami Huckaby





Syndey Grider

Community 5221-5310
Sydney Grider





David Meehan

Community 5311-5340
David Meehan