Residential Life

Student standing in front of the University Village A apartments.At Home On The Hill

The Center of Student Life!

These aren't the cinder block dorm rooms your parents, or even your older siblings, remember.

RSU Student Housing offers full-time Hillcats a place to live and study in comfort, while staying close to vibrant academic and social activities that make the college experience memorable.

Student Apartment complexes each offer a unique array of amenities. Depending on location, residents can have access to:

  • Full kitchens or kitchenettes
  • Furnished private rooms
  • Internet connections in every room
  • Laundry rooms
  • Multi-purpose room with big-screen TV
  • Nearby parking
  • Paid utilities
  • Proximity to academic buildings and campus events
  • Security provided by RSU Campus Police
  • Swimming pool access