Steering Committee

Name Position

Dr. Tobie Titsworth, Chair

Vice-President, Student Affairs

Dr. Richard Beck

Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Professor Linda Andrews

Asst. Vice President, Inst. Research, Planning, Assessment

Mr. Alan Lawless

Director, Stratton Taylor Library

Dr. Carolyn Taylor

Associate Professor, History and Political Science

Professor Gary Moeller

Department Head, Fine Arts

Ms. Sherry Alexander

Director, Pryor Campus

Mr. Bill Beierschmitt

Provost, Bartlesville Campus

Dr. Danette Boyle
Dr. Ray Brown

Vice President, Development
Vice President, Economic & Community Development

Mr. Brent Ortolani

Director, Public Relations

Mr. Tom Volturo

Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance

Ms. Julie Rampey

Director, Admissions

Mr. Wren Baker

Director, Athletics

Mr. Brian Reeves

Director, Information Technology

Dr. Frank Elwell

Dean, Liberal Arts

Dr. Keith Martin

Dean, Mathematics, Science and Health Sciences

Dr. Bruce Garrison

Dean, Business and Technology

Ms. Pam Fowler

Assistant Professor,  Health Sciences

Dr. Bert Tollison

Department Head, Business

Mr. Michael Wells

Faculty Senate Representative

Ms. Ashley Dick

Student Representative

Ms. Jacklyn Jaggars

Community /Alumni Representative