March 6, 2009

RSU to Present Review of "Plato, Metaphysics, and the Forms" Thursday

Dr. Michael McKeon, an assistant professor in the department of fine arts Rogers State University, will discuss a book by another RSU faculty member, Dr. Frank Grabowski, on Thursday March 12 at the RSU Stratton Taylor Library. McKeon will discuss Grabowski's book "Plato, Metaphysics, and the Forms."

This event, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 2:30 p.m. in room 207 of the library.  The event is part of the RSU Literary Review Series and refreshments will be provided.

In his book, Grabowski dissociates Plato's theory of Forms from its Aristotelian reception, by interpreting it within the larger framework of Plato's philosophy.

McKeon said the book is a "delight to read" and he looks forward to discussing it with others.

"I, like many others, always interpreted Plato's Forms as universals never considering them as anything else beyond that basic supposition," McKeon said. "However Grabowski's revisionist work,Plato, Metaphysics and the Forms,' challenges such interpretations and awakens us from our ‘dogmatic slumbers.' Rigorous in its analysis and penetrating in its insight, every page causes one to reflect and reconsider previously held philosophical positions on Plato and this is always the mark of good philosophy." 

Grabowski is an assistant professor of philosophy at Rogers State University. He earned his doctoral and master's degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit. His book, "Plato, Metaphysics, and the Forms," was published by Continuum Books in May 2008.

McKeon is an assistant professor of fine arts at RSU. He earned a doctoral degree in interdisciplinary arts from Ohio University, a master's degree in humanities from Brigham Young University, and bachelor's degrees in philosophy and history, from California State University-Northridge and BYU respectively. For more information on the book review, contact the library at (918) 343-7716.