June 7, 2007

Hillcats Add Academic Position to Athletics Staff

The Rogers State University athletic department has announced the addition of a new position that will enable it to closely monitor the academic progress of its student-athletes and be proactive concerning their development in the classroom.

Athletic Director Wren Baker has named Jared Hood as the assistant to the athletic director for student-athlete academic development. Hood joins the athletic department after spending the past year as a student recruiter in the RSU enrollment department.

“I’m excited about the addition of this new position to our staff,” Baker said. “It’s my belief that our athletes are students first. Jared had all the qualifications that we wanted in the first person to hold this important position. He relates well to students, he has high character and possesses a passion for both academics and athletics.”

Hood will be responsible for providing academic, personal and career support programs to aid in the total development of RSU student-athletes. He will supervise subject tutors, mentors and learning groups for the athletes and monitor their academic progress on a daily basis.

“The addition of this position clearly demonstrates President Wiley’s commitment to the development of our student-athletes not only on the field or court but also in the classroom and in their future,” Baker added. “Jared will strive to build a cooperative environment between the administration, faculty, staff and student athletes.”

Hood will work with each student-athlete on an individual basis to help them meet their personal educational goals. He will also be charged with ensuring that each student-athlete meets compliance demands set by the NAIA, Sooner Athletic Conference and RSU academic rules and regulations. In addition to his primary duties, Hood will also assist with game day operations at Hillcat sporting events.

Hood is a 2005 graduate of Northeastern State University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. He is a native of Claremore and is a 2000 graduate of Claremore High School.