University Logos

School Colors

The official RSU institutional colors are Blue (primary) and Red (secondary). Variations in shade or PMS color are not permitted. A “third” school color is traditional white. The institution’s colors are very close to those that appear on the American flag.

Note: In some instances, depending upon the porous nature of paper, fabric or other materials used in the printing process, colors may appear to be distorted. In these cases, a slight variation from the official school colors may be necessary to preserve the integrity of the colors appearance. However, prior permission from the RSUPR office is required.

Blue - primary color Red - secondary color

Pantone: 288

Pantone: 199

C - 100%
M - 67%
Y - 0%
K - 23%
C - 0%
M - 100%
Y - 62%
K - 0%

R - 0
G - 75
B - 141
R - 237
G - 23
B - 79

Web Safe/Hex: #004b8d Web Safe/Hex: #b10E39