University Logos

School Colors

The official RSU institutional colors are Blue (primary) and Red (secondary). Variations in shade or PMS color are not permitted.

Note: In some instances, depending upon the porous nature of paper, fabric or other materials used in the printing process, colors may appear to be distorted. In these cases, a slight variation from the official school colors may be necessary to preserve the integrity of the colors appearance. However, prior permission from the RSUPR office is required.


Blue (Primary Color)

PMS: 289

R: 0
G: 34
B: 68

C: 100
M: 76
Y: 10
K: 65

Web: 002244

Red (Secondary Color)

PMS: 200

R: 183
G: 18
B: 52

C: 3
M: 100
Y: 66
K: 12

Web: B71234