Meyer Lecture

Dr. Roland Fryer, Jr.2005 Lecturer

Dr. Roland Fryer, Jr.
Assistant Professor at Harvard University

"Toward a Unified Theory of Black America: The Racial Achievement Gap and What to Do About It

Dr. Roland Fryer, Jr., is a groundbreaking scholar whose work combines the fields of economics and African-American studies. He has been hailed as a rising star in the academic world for his application of scientific and economic tools to candidly address issues of race and inequality.

Fellow Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates has praised Fryer, noting that the 27-year-old scholar will “raise the analysis of the African-American experience to new levels of rigor and bring economics into the mainstream area of inquiry within the broader field of African-American studies.”

Fryer earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Texas-Arlington and a doctorate in economics from Penn State University. In 2003, he joined the Society of Fellows at Harvard, one of academia’s most prestigious research posts.