RSU Hilltop Challenge. A Leadership Adventure.


Hilltop Challenge

Meyer Hall (foreground) and Preparatory Hall (background)Goals

  • Increase the participant’s sense of personal confidence
  • Increase mutual support within a group
  • Develop trust and the ability to work as a team
  • Develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination
  • Develop an increased joy in one’s physical self and in being with others
  • Develop an increased familiarity and identification with the natural world


The RSU Hilltop Challenge is designed so that people of all ages and physical abilities can benefit from the experience. Groups that have utilized the course include:

  • Church and youth groups
  • Businesses wanting to emphasize team-building
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Service groups
  • Families
  • Any group wanting to build trust and relationships


The RSU Hilltop Challenge has been developed and maintained to the highest safety standards. The course is operated and staffed under the professional supervision of Rogers State University. All facilitators and instructors are trained and certified.