RSU Hilltop Challenge. A Leadership Adventure.


Hilltop Challenge

Girl on zip line.Challenge by Choice

The RSU Hilltop Challenge philosophy can be summarized in one phrase: “Challenge By Choice”.

The course is an educational and recreational activity intended to facilitate participant growth and development in areas such as:

  • social
  • emotional
  • mental
  • physical

The accomplishment of this growth begins within an atmosphere of:

  • support
  • acceptance
  • caring
  • trust

Each participant makes his or her own decisions and commitments.

Group support encourages a willingness to try, and the realization that success is personal – advancing one step further than before is far more important than attaining the apparent goal of a given task.

Stress is fundamental to adventure activities. Instructors have been taught to use strategies that encourage trying without generating additional pressure. Participants are helped to learn ways of providing support without pressuring their co-participants.

Each participant voluntarily and freely engages in any given activity. The degree and extent of participating remains the individual’s own choice, based on what the person can comfortably and willingly risk. No one is required, forced, or coerced to perform any activity.