Katelyn Tittle
Director of Alumni
RSU Development and Alumni Center, Room 104B

Hillcub Program

Lunch Buddies

Rogers State University faculty, staff and students have lunch with Claremont Elementary students to encourage them to focus on their studies and prepare for college.

  • When: First and last Tuesday of every month
  • Sign up: Email Brandi Sutherland at and state the date and time you would like to volunteer


Sam Baird, RSU Student
I was partnered with an amazing 8 year old boy named Joe, and we had quite a lively conversation! We talked about four-wheelers, sports, and his family, among other things. He pointed out all of his friends across the cafeteria, and a few even came up to say hi to me. Joe is very interested in reading, and told me about some of the books that he has read. He also told me that he likes coffee quite a bit, but his mom disapproves of his drinking it. As he put it, his only choice is to sneak into the kitchen at night and drink any coffee that might be left in the pot! He is a very nice kid, and I really enjoyed spending his lunch break with him!

Amanda Faught, Administrative Assistant
I went to Claremont for the lunch buddy program and mixed with kids from the 2nd grade. I started off by introducing myself and asking their names, a few were shy, but within a few minutes we we’re exchanging knock, knock jokes and they we’re telling me what they love to do, one little girl told me her Mother attends RSU and that she also wants to go to school on the Hill when she gets bigger. I had a great time impacting their day unexpectedly, and just being a friend and an ear to listen to just about anything they wanted to tell me.

Connie Wall, Administrative Services
Having lunch with the children was great! They all seem to have a very wide range of interests for their futures…some astronauts, military persons, ballerinas and stylists.

Elizabeth Gordon, Data Management Facilitator for Trio
"Just a note to say thank you for the opportunity to have lunch and visit with the students today - I thoroughly enjoyed it! On behalf of many, thank you for everything you do in shaping lives and developing our future!"