Hillcat Ally

Hillcat Ally Training
February 10, 2015 | 10:00 a.m.
Centennial Center, Conference Room A

This training will help individuals work to recognize the connections, intersections, and differences of the LGBTQ culture and participants will become a person of support whenever and wherever it is needed. The training is open to all, faculty, staff, and students who would like to attend. If you have any questions please contact Nikki Phillip at

HillcatAlly logoWhat does it mean to be a Hillcat Ally?

Being a Hillcat Ally is a visible display to the campus that you stand up for the rights and well-being of LGBT students.

A Hillcat Ally is a non-judgmental listener, knowledgeable about the issues of LGBT students and someone who can provide resources and referral information specific to our campus and community.

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