2013 Directors

Rogers State University students serve as camp directors and volunteers.

Melina CopelandMelina Copeland

My name is Melina Copeland and I am a junior majoring in Nursing. I am currently working on campus as a student worker in Meyer Hall and have been involved in many community service projects since I became a Hillcat!

I have been a part of RSU's Hillcamp for four years. My first year I was a Hillcamper, my second year I was an ambassador, and last year I was a director! I have always enjoyed Hillcamp because it gives incoming freshmen the opportunity to meet new friends and to build many new relationships on campus.

Being involved on campus has been the best part of my college experience because I have networked out into the community and within the university. I have been able to build relationships with many people my age and older who have helped me through my college career.

Hillcamp is where it all started and I urge every incoming freshman to attend because there will be moments and memories made that you will not want to miss out on during your college experience! Hillcamp 2013 is going to be the best one yet with it being our FIRST overnight camp! Hillcat for Life!

Gibson GiddeonGibson Giddeon

My name is Gibson Giddeon. I am 20 years young and a junior here at Rogers State University. I am a Multimedia major and a member of the Honors Program (it's a lot of hard work!), and the Campus Activities Team.

I work on campus for the Hillcat Network in RSU's Athletic Department. What that means is I help run a live-streaming broadcast of all RSU home Athletic events. I never actually get to watch the games. I mean, I watch them, because I have to for my job, but I don't get to watch watch them.

Over the past couple of years I have realized I am only going to get as much out of my daily experiences as I give. RSU is a growing school, and if I hadn't decided to come to RSU I would have missed out on so many things! I am surrounded by great friends and peers (and let's not forget about those awesome professors). Thus far, it has been a fantastic, sometimes stressful, but wonderful experience.

I want to make Hillcamp a fun, exciting, memorable and informative experience for all of you. I'm looking forward to Hillcamp 2013, and I hope you are too. Go Hillcats!

Michael BloseMichael Blose

Hi! I'm Michael Blose, a senior here at RSU. I am majoring in Medical/Molecular Biology. I have been active on campus throughout my stay. I am in the Honors Program, helped to add fraternities on campus, helped found the Pre-Professional Health Club, and was on the Campus Activities Team in 2011-2012. I am currently RSU's Homecoming King and work in the Office of Student Affairs here on campus.

This will be my fourth year to be a part of RSU's Hillcamp! I was a Hillcamper, an ambassador twice and now a director. I have loved Hillcamp because it is where I met some of my best friends and it gave me the opportunity to see everything that RSU offers. Hillcamp is not about the couple days that campers are here; it's about the four years that you stay here.

I have always had so much fun getting involved and my hope is that with Hillcamp 2013 new students get to enjoy the same thing I have been able to for my stay here at RSU! I can't wait to see you all there, and I hope you are as excited as I am!