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Patient Safety Awareness Week March 8-14

Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) is a national education and awareness-building campaign for improving patient safety at the local level.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country are encouraged to plan events to promote patient safety within their own organizations.

Educational activities are centered on educating patients on how to become involved in their own health care, as well as working with hospitals to build partnerships with their patient community.

Actions to take to help protect yourself

  • Rid your medicine cabinets of old or expired medications.
  • Bring your medications to your doctor or pharmacist for review.
  • Obtain copies of all your healthcare records and keep them in a safe place.
  • Write down and carry with you all of your prescription and over the counter medications (including doses), as well as any allergies.
  • Write down and carry with you the names and numbers of all of your healthcare providers and pharmacies.
  • Identify an advocate (either family member or friend) who can accompany you and ask questions on your behalf.
  • Talk with your family or other close individuals about what your preferences are for your healthcare, in case you are unable to speak for yourself.

Communicate and partner with your providers

  • Ask your hospital or healthcare professional about patient safety, and how communication and partnership between you and your providers can be improved.
  • Ask your hospital or healthcare organization what they are doing for Patient Safety Awareness Week, and attend events to learn more about patient safety.
  • Communicate with your provider about what your healthcare safety concerns are.
  • Let your healthcare provider know who they should talk with in the case that you are unable to speak for yourself.