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Healthy You @ RSUJanuary 2009

January is National Blood Donor Month

Blood is traditionally in short supply during the winter months due to the holidays, travel schedules, inclement weather and illness. 

January, in particular, is a difficult month for blood centers to collect blood donations.  A reduction in turnout can put our nation’s blood inventory at a critical low.

AABB, in conjunction with America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross, is celebrating National Blood Donor Month (NBDM) 2009 to encourage donors to give or pledge to give blood.

Every day in our country, approximately 39,000 units of blood are required in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities for patients with cancer and other diseases, for organ transplant recipients, and to help save the lives of accident victims. 

Our goal is to help ensure that blood is available to patients whenever and wherever it is needed because it is the blood on the shelves that helps saves lives.

If you are at least 17 years of age (some states permit younger people to donate with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and meet other donor requirements, you may be eligible to donate blood. 

Celebrate NBDM with AABB by donating blood and encouraging others to donate!