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Program Testimonial
Katrina Loy Herndon standing in front of Heart Lake

Katrina Loy Herndon


I'm a Project Coordinator in a support role at a major energy company, and I want to move forward in my career. Getting my MBA will expand my skills and knowledge in the business world and make me more competitive in the job market.


As an alumnae of Rogers State University, I know they have high quality professors who take interest in their students' success.


Small class sizes allow them to be more involved in teaching each student than they could be at a larger university. That's why I chose to get my MBA at RSU.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Rogers State University is designed to provide students with the education necessary to develop personal and organizational business skills and to maintain competiveness in the local and global economy.

This advanced business degree offers students requisite knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and research proficiency to succeed in many professional fields, whether private or public commercial enterprise, for-profit or non-profit business or government service.

Our MBA program is crafted to provide students the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for all functions of management.

Students in the MBA program at RSU can benefit from its signature strengths in the accounting, entrepreneurship, management and sport management disciplines.

Students in this carefully designed program enroll in 36 credit hours of graduate coursework that includes 30 hours of core courses and six hours of guided electives.

Leveling Course Requirements

Applicants with a degree in a field other than business are required to demonstrate mastery of business content by earning a cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the following 24 hours of undergraduate coursework: