Financial Aid

Students sitting on the wall outside campus.Policies & Procedures

Important Points to Remember

Aid recipients must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or have refugee status in the U.S. Students classified as non-degree seeking by the RSU Office of Admissions are not eligible for financial aid.

Students seeking financial aid must meet the standards of the Satisfactory Progress Policy for Financial Aid.

Included in the standards are a quantitative standard for credit hours completed each term (as compared to hours attempted), a minimum cumulative grade-point average, and a maximum length of eligibility based on attempted credit hours. Attempted credit hours include all hours attempted throughout your entire college career.

The academic year, beginning with the fall semester, consists of 32 weeks of instructional time for the fall and spring semesters. Two week intersession courses are offered after each semester. The academic year concludes with an eight week summer term. 

The RSU Business Office will use your first available financial aid to pay for educational expenses (tuition, fees, housing, and books) owed to the university.

If you are awarded a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and/or a Federal Stafford Loan in an amount in excess of our tuition and fees, check with the RSU Business Office to see if you are eligible to charge your books at the RSU Bookstore. Note: If you are allowed to charge at the bookstore, the amount will be for books and course required supplies only.

You may be awarded at any time during the semester. The normal process takes two weeks after all necessary information has been received by the RSU Office of Financial Aid. Any questions you might have regarding your awards must be addressed by our front counter staff or your individual financial aid counselor. If you are unsure of your counselor's name, the front counter staff will be happy to tell you.

If you have not met the priority deadline of March 1, please be prepared to buy your own books and make arrangements with the RSU Business Office to pay all tuition and fee charges. A payment plan option is available and further details may be obtained at the RSU Business Office.

If you receive financial aid from any other source such as Veteran's Benefits, J.T.P.A, P.I.T.C., , Advance Study Scholarships, or Tuition Waivers, you must notify the RSU Office of Financial Aid of these awards. In accordance with federal regulations, your financial aid awards may be adjusted.

Your financial aid award letter may list several types of aid. You may accept all, part, or none of the financial aid awarded. However, you must sign and return the letter within two weeks, showing your decision to accept or reject the awards. Returning students will not be mailed award letters. Returning students will need to log-in to the HillCat Hub and accept/reject the awards online. You may also view any missing documents the Financial Aid Office may be requesting.

If your enrollment status changes after you have received your financial award letter, your financial aid awards will be adjusted to reflect your new enrollment status.

Most financial aid programs are based on a nine-month academic year. Therefore, if you receive two full semesters of aid (fall and spring) you may not be eligible for grants during the summer term. If you desire to receive financial aid for the summer term, you must notify the RSU Office of Financial Aid of your enrollment.

Credit Balance Refunds

The Office of the Bursar uses the Higher One Refund Card to refund credit balances on student accounts. A credit balance may come from payment of grants, scholarships or loans credited to a student's account, from overpayment of charges, or from adjustments for tuition, fees, or housing. Financial aid funds disbursed to a student's account are first credited to the student's educationally related charges of tuition, fees, room, board and books or other charges as authorized by the student. Once education expenses are paid in full and if a credit balance remains, the credit balance is refundable to the student.

Refund Policy for Financial Aid Recipients Who Withdraw

See our Refund Policy regarding tuition/fees and withdrawing/dropping.

Any student receiving federal financial assistance who completely withdraws from all classes at RSU will be subject to the following refund policy required by federal regulation.

This policy only applies to students receiving assistance through the Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, and Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students Programs.

This policy assumes a student earns his or her financial aid based on the period of time the student remains enrolled through the semester. Upon withdrawal, the RSU Office of Financial Aid will determine the date of the student's withdrawal on the record in the RSU Office of Admissions and will calculate the amount of financial assistance the student earned while enrolled in classes according to the following formula: number of days enrolled divided by the total number of days in the semester.

If the amount of federal aid disbursed exceeds the amount of federal aid earned as of the date of the withdrawal, the University, the student, or both are required to return some portion of the federal aid received. Late disbursements for which the student is eligible are required to be included.

Students who remain enrolled beyond 60 percent of the semester are considered to have earned 100 percent of the financial aid received.  Students who are enrolled for less than 60 percent of the semester will likely be responsible for repaying a portion of the financial aid received.

The RSU Office of Financial Aid will calculate the amount of any refund due according to the Return of Title IV Funds Formula outlined in federal regulations. Any refund amount calculated from this formula will be returned to the appropriate federal financial aid programs. Refunds for financial aid recipients are never given directly to the student. Calculated refund amounts are returned to the federal financial aid programs in the following order: Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, other federal financial aid programs.

Under this policy, the date of withdrawal is the date the student began the withdrawal process by contacting the RSU Office of Admissions either in person or online to complete a Notice of Withdrawal form. If a student leaves RSU without contacting the Office of Admissions to formally withdraw, the withdrawal date will be designated as the midpoint of the semester or the last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity. For students who fail to return from an approved leave of absence, the withdrawal date will be designated as the date the leave of absence began.