Jae-Ho Kim, Ph.D.


1701W Will Rogers Blvd                                                     jkim@rsu.edu
Loshbaugh Hall, Room103                                                   Phone: (918)343-7714(Office)
Rogers State University                                                        Phone: (918)341-1432(Home)
Claremore, Oklahoma 74017                                               Fax: (918)343-7563

1999-2000        Postdoctoral   Molecular Biology                Medical University of South Carolina, SC
1995-1998        Ph.D.              Genetics                              South Dakota State University, SD
1988-1991        M.Div.            Theology                             Hapdong Theological Seminary (Korea)
1985-1987        M.S.               Animal Physiology               Korea University (Korea)
1979-1982        B.S.                Biology                               Hannam University (Korea)

08/07-Present     Associate Professor                                  Rogers State University, OK
08/04-07/07       Assistant Professor                                   Rogers State University, OK
09/03-07/04       Associate Professor                                  Sterling College, KS
09/00-08/03       Assistant Professor                                   Sterling College, KS
01/99-08/00       Post doctoral research fellow                    Medical University of South Carolina, SC
01/95-12/98       Graduate teaching/ research assistant         South Dakota State University, SD
03/88-06/91       Lab Director                                             Sungsin Clinic (Seoul, Korea)
02/88-12/90       Lecturer                                                    Taejon Clinical Jr. College (Taejon, Korea)
05/86-01/88       Biological Control Tech.                            Asian Parasite Lab. in Seoul (US Embassy, Korea)
05/81-04/86       Clinical Lab Technician                              Sungsae Hospital (Taejon, Korea)

May 1983  Clinical Pathology Lab Technician (Korea)
July 1992   Ordination as a Presbyterian minister (Presbyterian Church USA)

· Leadership
Foundations of servant leadership
· Anatomy/Physiology
Human A&P / Human Anatomy / Human Physiology / Cadaver Anatomy Lab
· Genetics
Genetics / Human Heredity and Reproduction / Animal Breeding / Molecular Genetics
· Molecular Biology
Cell and Molecular Biology
· Microbiology/Immunology
     Microbiology and Immunology / Parasitology
· Miscellaneous
Topics in Biology (Seminar) / Beef Production / Urinology / Senior Research

· Organized research grants (2004 Fall, 2005 Spring, 2005 Fall)
· Listed on Who's Who Among America's Teacher (2004 and 2006)
· McCreery Teacher of The Year, Sterling College (2003)
· Teacher of The Year by Alpha Chi, Sterling College (2003)
· 2nd place on Raymond Moore Biostress Research Poster day on ‘Growth hormone genotypic effects on cattle production traits’ (1998)

Pastoral Work
· Parish Associate at Tulsa Korean Presbyterian Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Pastor of Sioux Falls Korean Presbyterian Church (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
· Educational Minister of The Church of The Garden of Eden (Flushing, New York)
· Pastor of The Anyang Presbyterian Church (Anyang, Korea)
· Publication: 'Research of family oriented pastoral care in the local church'

Administrative work
Department Chair of Dept. of Natural Sciences at Sterling College (06/03 – 07/04)

Publication and Presentation
·C.W. Schweinfest, S.D.Demetri, K.W.Henderson, J.H.Kim, J.M.Chapman, S.Barone, R.T.Worrell, Z.Wang, and M. Soleimani. (2006), slc26a3 (dra)-deficient Mice Display Chloride-losing Diarrhea, Enhanced Colonic Proliferation, and Distinct Up-regulation of Ion Transporters in the Colon, Journal of Biological Chemistry 281:37962-37971
· G.Oremus, G.D.Guerrero, M.W.Alison Jr., M.M.Kimball, J.H.Kim, and L.D.Foil (2006), Effects of mid-season avermectin treatments on pyrethroid resistance in horn fly (Diptera:Muscidae) populations at three locations in Louisiana, Veterinary Parasitology 141:156-164.
· T. Ring, J.H. Kim, and F.D.Guerrero (2005), Comparison of the pesticide resistance from the selected locations throughout the season -based on pyrethroid resistance from the hornfly populations, Proceedings of SWRM Division of AAAS Vol.45. No1:insert
D.Davignon, F.D.Guerrero, and J.H.Kim (2004), Seasonal differences in a pesticide-pyrithroid-resistance among regional horn fly populations in central Kansas, Proceedings of Genes in Ecology, Ecology in Genes Vol.2. p.2.
D.Davignon, F.D.Guerrero, and J.H.Kim (2004), Genotypic frequency of pyrethroid resistance mutations of horn fly (Haematobia irritans) from a regional population in Kansas, Proceedings of SWRM Division of AAAS Vol.44. No.1: 26.
· J.M.Chapman, J.H.Kim, K.W.Henderson, D.D.Spyropolous, and C.W.Schweinfest (2002), DRA, an intestinal anion transport, suppresses cell growth and proliferation, Proceedings of the AA for Cancer Research Vol.43:990
J.H.Kim and C.W.Schweinfest (2001), DRA interactive proteins involved in growth suppression, Proceedings of SWRM Division of AAAS Vol.41. No.2: 20.
· J.H.Kim and D.M.Marshall (1999), Associations of beef production traits with polymorphisms in the growth hormone gene and IGF(Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1) gene, Beef report 1999.
· J.H.Kim (1998), Associations between molecular markers and cattle production traits (Ph.D. Dissertation)
· J.H.Kim and D.M.Marshall (1998), Growth hormone genotypic effects on cattle production traits, Raymond Moore Biostress Research Poster day
· J.H.Kim and D.M.Marshall (1998), Growth hormone genotypic effects on calf growth traits, carcass traits, and cow production traits, Journal of Animal Science Vol.76(Suppl.2): 31.
· J.H.Kim, O.K.Lee, and S.K.Choo (1988), An electrophoretic study and diagnostic significance of Hbs-Ag carriers' serum protein, Journal of Taejeon Medical Junior College Vol.9: 127-135.
· J.H.Kim (1987), A study of nuclear polyhedral inclusion bodies of nuclear polyhedral virus of Korean strain of gypsy moth, (M.S. degree thesis)
· W. Han, J.H.Kim, and H.R.Kim (1986), The purification and properties of trehalase in digestive tract of Hyphantria cunea Drury, Journal of National Academy of Natural Sciences Vol.25:329-345.

Professional Affiliation
· American Association For The Advancement Of Science
· American Society For Microbiology
· American Society of Animal Science