DIY Program Summary Sheets

Photo Selections

Photos provided below have been sized for print medium. To maintain the integrity of your program summary sheet, please do not adjust or manipulate the size or shape of the photos. We have selected some of our best photographs to be used, however, if you need additional photos please contact Kelli Fields at ext. 7994 or


  • click on the photo you want (a larger photo will open)
  • then right click on the larger photo and select 'Save image as...'
  • save the photo to a folder on your computer
  • repeat for each photo you want
Dr. Ashlock with student Two girls in the library Dr. Seward Dr. Glass with student and microscope Boy studying on the patio Boy reading books in the library Girl standing with stack of books in the library Boy standing in front of the Centennial Center Girl standing by a globe in the library
Girl in classroom with stack of books and students taking notes Instructor helping a student Boy in classroom Prep Hall Baird Hall Statue of Jefferson Stratton Taylor Library Group of students outside Baird Hall Instructor helping a student in class
Boy in the sculpture studio