Counseling Services

Hunter the Hillcat taking the National Depression Screening Day survey Educational Presentations

Counseling Services offers educational seminars to student groups and organizations, faculty and staff or community groups as needed/requested.

Don’t see your topic of interest? Please call Counseling Services; we can tailor a presentation to your specific needs. Please allow one month to process your request.

  • QPR:  is designed to help you recognize someone who may be considering suicide. QPR consists of three life-saving skills. How to:
    • Question…a person about suicide
    • Persuade…the person to get help and,
    • Refer…the person to the appropriate resource.
  • The fundamentals of QPR are easily learned, and like CPR may save a life.

  • Study Skills, Jeopardy Style!: Using the Jeopardy game show theme, students will learn the best practices for taking notes, studying, reading textbooks, managing test anxiety and giving speeches!
  • Motivation Makeover: In an interactive forum, participants will learn how to change their motivation and cognitive styles for better academic outcomes.
  • Good Grief: This presentation discusses the specific psychological issues that often come along with grief. In addition, listeners will engage in a research based discussion of how bereavement affects college students and what services are available to assist them.
  • Test Anxiety: Listeners will learn the origins of test anxiety and how to manage symptoms with practical strategies that work!
  • Mediation Techniques: Listeners will learn the pros and cons of conflict and basic techniques used by mediators. This presentation serves as a basic introduction to the mediation process and introduces participants to the practical aspects of mediation’s various uses.
  • True Colors: This presentation is an interactive, educational and entertaining look at personality types. Participants will engage in a self-assessment followed by a group activity with persons of their same personality profile. Participants will gain a greater self-understanding of their own personality type as well as learn how to appreciate different personality types that they will encounter.
  • Stress Management for Busy People: Participants will learn about how the stress reaction has evolved throughout human history and simple techniques that can be used to immunize themselves from its negative effects. Participants will also learn simple techniques to work on overall good mental and physical health.
  • Alcohol 101: Participants will learn how alcohol affects the body, what BAC is (and the factors that contribute to it), and the facts about binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. Each participant will receive a wallet size card on the signs of alcohol poisoning.
  • Healthy Relationships 101: This presentation introduces participants to the red flags and warning signs of an unhealthy or potentially violent relationship and what loved ones can do. This presentation also addresses healthy relationship behaviors and the importance of differentiation.