Human Resources

Policies & Procedures


4.1 Salary Adjustments

The President may approve individual salary adjustments based on work performance, promotion, demotion, labor market conditions, legislative actions, and budget constraints, subject to and in accordance with Board of Regents’ Policy.

4.2 Payroll Warrants

Payroll warrants for salaried employees are issued on the last working day of the month. The pay period for salaried employees is the first day through the last calendar day of the month. Payroll warrants for all hourly employees are issued on the fifteenth of the month for time worked in the preceding calendar month. If the fifteenth falls on a Saturday or Sunday, warrants are issued on the preceding work day.

Direct deposit is available upon request. Payroll warrants/direct deposit notices are available in the Bursar’s Office during normal business hours. An employee may give written permission to the Bursar’s Office to release his or her payroll warrant/direct deposit notice to another individual. Payroll checks must be cashed within ninety days or they become void.

4.3 Payroll Changes

Changes in payroll deductions are made in the Human Resources Office. All change forms must be received by the first day of the month in order for the change to be effective on the next payroll warrant. Employees may have their payroll warrant electronically transferred to a financial institution of their choice by submitting a completed Automatic Deposit Transmittal Form to the Department of Human Resources. Direct Deposits may take up to sixty days to commence.

4.4 Supplemental Pay

Supplemental pay to employees of the University must be requested and authorized through the normal chain of approval on an Employee Transaction Form regardless of the nature of the services.

4.5 Holiday Pay               

To be eligible for University-approved holiday pay, an employee must be a regular full-time employee and be in paid status the day before and the day after the holiday. The employee will not be charged annual leave time for a University-approved holiday that falls within an annual leave period. An employee who is on sick leave when a University-approved holiday occurs will receive holiday pay instead of sick leave pay.

4.6 Garnishments

The University must accept court-ordered wage assignments, garnishments, and tax levies, and will process them in the legally prescribed manner.