More Information

Faculty membership on standing university committees will be determined on a yearly basis by the Faculty Senate’s Committee on Committees (hereafter referred to as the “Committee”), in accordance with these broad philosophical guidelines:

  • ideally, each department will be represented on each committee, except as specified in the following descriptions;
  • each faculty member should be allowed to express preferences for membership on committees and, if possible, those preferences will be honored;
  • each faculty representative should be a full-time faculty member (Department Heads are eligible for appointment);
  • faculty should serve on at least one committee and, if possible, no more than two

Faculty membership on committees is three years (unless specifically noted in the committee description) to facilitate scheduling, all terms for a given department will expire in the same year. Committee membership should be determined in the spring semester of the year prior to membership. New faculty will be assigned to committees as they begin their teaching tenure. At the first meeting of each year, the committee members will select a chair (unless the chair is specifically designated) and other officers, as they deem appropriate.  

Each committee will forward minutes to:

  • Library archives
  • Secretary of the Faculty Senate
  • Academic Support Coordinator in the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Web Coordinator

Selection Procedure 

University committee assignments for the following academic year would be made in the spring. Faculty hired subsequent to the process would be assigned membership in the fall.

  • In February, the Senate will ask each faculty member for a statement on which committee(s) he/she would prefer membership.
  • In March, the “Committee” will meet to select members for University committees, basing that selection on its own guidelines (see below) and on the skills, experience, and expertise of the faculty member and the needs of each committee.
  • Between April 15 and May 1, members of committees will be notified of seating.