Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council is comprised of members elected by their peers to represent university staff for policy recommendations, communicate and share staff concerns to administration, recommend changes to university practices and provide administrative support.

Membership 2014-2015

The staff members are elected from throughout the university's operations, with representatives from all three campuses, as well as each job classification or function. Pryor and Bartlesville representatives are appointed by the leadership at those campuses.

Pryor Representative Bartlesville Representative Technical/Skilled Service Occupations
Lisa Ramsey Frank Gage Dan Kara Paul Dunham
Chris Fairchild
Connie Wall
Administrative Support Management General Professional  
Samantha Alberty
Kay Brown
Heather Isaacs
Donna Spencer
Mary Van Diest, Secretary
Kevin Abbott
Susan Bedwell
Daniel Marangoni
Tom Volturo, Ex-Officio
Steven Braun
Ronna Hatley
Lynsey Simmons
Colleen Wilson



2014-2015 2013-2014        

08-07-14 Minutes

08-26-14 Agenda
08-26-14 Minutes

09-16-14 Agenda
09-16-14 Minutes

11-18-14 Agenda
11-18-14 Minutes

12-16-14 Agenda
12-16-14 Minutes

01-20-15 Agenda
01-20-15 Minutes

02-17-15 Agenda
02-17-15 Minutes

03-10-15 Agenda
03-10-15 Minutes

04-28-15 Agenda

05-06-15 Agenda

05-20-15 Agenda

01-28-14 Agenda

04-25-14 Minutes