Centennial Timeline

Street sign that says "Claremore Junior College Left lane".

Rogers State College becomes Rogers University


Dr. Richard Mosier had taken over as the School on the Hill's president in the summer of 1972, a little more than a year after it had officially transformed from Oklahoma Military Academy to Claremore Junior College.

And he had been with it when it changed again a decade later, to Rogers State College. Through those years and beyond, the school had faced intermittent financial challenges, leading to the dissolution of its intercollegiate sports teams and the combining of some of its academic programs.

Two things, however, continued - rising enrollment, and the desire on the part of some lawmakers to do something different with the institution.

By 1990, there was much talk about its becoming part of a state-supported multi-campus university system, combined with Tulsa Junior College and the University Center at Tulsa (UCAT), which offered programs from four different Oklahoma universities.

A version of this plan came to pass in 1996, not long after Mosier's retirement. Rodger Randle, UCAT president, submitted a plan to Rogers State for a merger of the two campuses.

On June 31, 1996, the School on the Hill changed names yet again - to Rogers University, with a campus not only in Claremore, but also in Tulsa, at the former UCAT location.


Student taking a telecourse via RSU TV

Nursing instructor helping nursing student

Sculptor working on the Lincoln statute

Student working on a computer in library