Academic Computing Services

Mobile Email Setup

Faculty & Staff

Before you start, you must be connected to the Internet either via wireless network connection (at RSU, it would be the hillcat wireless network) or through the 3G network provided by your phone carrier.

  1. First, find the Settings icon and tap it with your finger. It is usually found on your Home screen.
    Settings icon
  2. Next, tap the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars icon.
    Mail, Contacts, and Calenders icon
  3. Next, click on Add Account.
    Add Account... icon
  4. Next, click on Microsoft Exchange.
    Microsoft Exchange icon
  5. This is what you will see next.
    Exchange screen
  6. Here is where you put your email information:
    • Email:  your email address, which is <yourusername>
    • Domain:
    • Username:  your RSU account username (the same used to log into your computer)
    • Password:  your RSU account password (the same used to log into your computer)
      Exchange email information screen
    • Once the information is entered and is correct, press the Next button.
  7. You’re now ready to enter the Server information. This is what you should see now.
    Exchange server information screen
  8. At this point, you can also name your email Inbox. In this example, default is Rsu. The Server should be:
    Exchange server information screen
  9. Once that information is entered, click Next and then you can set what is synchronized with your email account. Here you can see that Mail, Contacts, and Calendars from your RSU email account are all set to sync with your iPhone/iPad. If you don’t want one of the items to sync, simply set it to Off.
    Exchange synchronize screen
  10. Once you click Save, you will now see your RSU email account set up on your iPhone/iPad.
    RSU email on Accounts screen