Criminal Justice Studies


  1. Can I become eligible to become a Law Enforcement officer by taking courses at RSU?
    Yes, if you meet the statutory qualifications for certification. The RSU C.O.P. Option student, who graduates from the C.O.P. Option is eligible to become a certified peace officer. The C.O.P. Option has been approved by CLEET as a substitute for the CLEET Law Enforcement Academy. The CLEET learning objectives are imbedded into the college courses required for a Criminal Justice degree. Certification of all law enforcement officers – police officers, sheriff’s deputies, highway patrol troopers is governed by CLEET1.
  2. Can I take only CLEET courses?
    No, the CLEET courses are offered only as part of the C.O.P. Option of the Criminal Justice Degree.
  3. Can I get college credit for any CLEET courses I’ve already taken?
    It Depends. Not for credit to be applied toward the C.O.P. Option Associate degree since CLEET does not allow any substitutes or transfer of courses within the C.O.P Option. However, if you are currently an Oklahoma Certified Peace Officer you may be eligible for college credit toward a Criminal Justice Degree.
  4. Will my C.O.P. Associate Degree count toward a bachelor degree?
    Yes the C.O.P. Option Associate Degree graduates can choose from a variety of RSU bachelor degrees – both traditional degree plans and online degrees.
  5. How do I get started in the C.O.P. Degree?

1 Interested students should carefully review the statutes and regulations concerning peace officer certification to evaluate their eligibility. Ref: 70 O.S. 2006 Supp., §3311 and the CLEET promulgated rules found in the Oklahoma Administrative Code.