Social Science Bachelor's Degree


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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Social Science degree stresses competence in written and oral communications and scientific reasoning and thinking skills.

  • Option: History
    While people may live in the present, the study of history performs the indispensable function of reminding us of who we were, and acts as a laboratory of what we might become. A sound historical grounding can help a person become a better business person, educator, or community leader. History is more than simply a storehouse of the past. History provides a sense of identity, and reminds us through the recounting of past greatness that we should aspire to greatness in our own lives.
  • Option: Political Science
    The Political science Option offers students fundamental insight into the realm of politics. Americans have grown used to thinking of politics as a dirty word, but in fact politics refers to some of the most elemental of human behaviors: the distribution and exercise of power. Without politics, important matters would be decided by force, and those without power in such communities typically find themselves the objects – rather than the wielders – of power. Political scientists draw freely on the insights of anthropology, economics, history, psychology, and especially sociology to explain and analyze political behavior, and to recommend changes in policy.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate Interdisciplinary knowledge about issues related to diverse concepts and explanations of human behavior.
  2. Demonstrate the skills necessary to function effectively in civic engagement activities.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of research methodologies and their appropriate use in social sciences.