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Student Tutors at RSU

By student Marcus O’Brien

Are you having trouble in a course, but can’t find time to meet the professor during office hours? How about a student tutor then? RSU is hiring students to teach their peers what they just don’t understand in class.

The student tutors are those who have accelerated in the particular class they help with
and are in advanced classes now. One such student is Josh Cancienne, a sophomore out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Most students who come to me are from Programming I and II, and having taken all those I was easily able to help them,” Cancienne said. When asked about tutoring Cancienne said, "I like it, I mean this is perfect for me. I have A lot of free time to focus on my studies should I have anything to do, and I enjoy helping people and I don’t want them to be confused.”

Cancienne has only been tutoring for RSU two weeks now when offered the job by Dr. Gardner, head of the department of Applied Technology. Josh Cancienne has tutored nearly 30 hours and enjoys the income and convenient job.

Since Cancienne has only taken a few certain courses, he has a narrow selection of students he is able to tutor. One student saw Josh Cancienne for help with accounting, but, since Cancienne hadn’t taken the course, he was unable to help the person. So make sure you check with the tutor first before meeting him or her for help.

If you do need help with a course and would like to be tutored, Contact the department head of your academic field and find out how to get one.  For a possible tutoring position contact the department head as well.