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Psi Chi is Changing People Lives Around the Community

By student Kyle Olson

RSU has a lot of accomplishments they can be proud of obtaining. Near the top of that list, you should see what are fellow students are doing to help out the community. PSI CHI is a student led honor society with numerous awards. But, its biggest reward out of all their work is helping people get back on their feet.

SafeNet is an organization in Claremore that provides necessities to those who need it most, such as spousal abuse victims. Some of these victims just leave their situation and start a new life. So, it is important that facilities who offer free necessities, such as SafeNet, to maintain donations from the outside community so they can provide to those in need. This is where PSI CHI comes in.

They work with SafeNet and set up donations so SafeNet can stay stocked. People like Sandy Wilson appreciate this generosity. "All I have is my old car, and couple of clothes. I am so glad I can come here and pick out some clothes for free.”

Sandy is looking to get her life back on track and that involves getting a job. "I go job searching tomorrow, and I was able to pick out some items that would make me look a little more presentable.”

PSI CHI is not only an Honor Society that does research and goes to conferences; PSI CHI gives to those in need.

If you would like to donate anything to SafeNet, just as RSU representatives have, just call 918-341-1424.  You can also find information on RSU’s Psi Chi website.