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Pointing Fingers at Wall Street

By student Ryan Floyd

People everywhere are really taking notice of the stock market. Early this week the Dow Jones dropped to nearly record-setting levels.  In the past months people have been worrying about a recession.  Everyone is affected by these economic changes, including students and faculty here at Rogers State University.  These events have left many wondering what will happen next.

Dr. Bob Willis is a professor of accounting at Rogers State University.  He, and others around him, have strong fears about what may happen. "My 94-year-old neighbor and I talk out by our fence. He lived through the Great Depression. He knows what it’s all about. He told me he’s afraid the whole blank-ity blank thing is going to collapse.”

While the future of the market is uncertain, there’s no doubt that students have been feeling the effects.  It was just over two weeks ago when students were finally able to receive financial aid money. Now with more economic bad news, students and facility aren’t sure what they will have to face.   

Dr. David Blakely, a RSU professor, is looking for answers. "Some people say it’s all because folks are taking out these zero down 100% financing loans.  But are the people to blame or the banks who are offering these?”

It’s hard to say who’s at blame.  But we do know that these uncertain times have left many wondering what they can do to save every penny. 

These times have many asking questions.  If you have any questions about financial aid or student loans, feel free to contact the Rogers State University Financial Aid Office at (918) 343-755, or just click the quick link to go directly to the homepage.