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Rogers County Just Got Healthier

By student Tip Crowley

The nursing program at Rogers State University is helping fill gaps in the medical field all over Oklahoma. But its biggest impact can be felt right here in Rogers County.

"We are able to educate highly qualified nurses,” says Health Sciences Department Head Nancy Deide. "Many of our nurses will stay in this area. Some of them may go to the Tulsa are a for a couple years thinking that they’re going to make more money, but a lot of times wanting to provide the health care for their community brings them back in.”

RSU not only provides quality medical workers to the area, they have even created several classes based on helping students prepare for work around this area. The curriculum not only teaches students how to work in the medical field, it also teaches them how to work in Rogers County.

"Our goal is to try to help improve the healthcare that Rogers County and surrounding county rural residents get.  We want to ensure the nurses understand the issues we have in rural Oklahoma,” explains Deide.

This specialized program is just another aspect that makes it easier recognize an RSU nurse in the field.

For more information, Nancy Deide can be reached at 343-7885, or go on line to the link below