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Italy Summer Art Program

By student Jessi Blythe Ammons

Summer school, if the thought of hot boring days in a classroom doesn’t appeal to you, then imagine yourself in Italy with the poppies in bloom, and the rolling hills painted in purples, greens and gold. Your friends will be laughing and learning abroad, and even earning college credit in RSU’s ‘Studies at Large Program’. Students will get an education, while visiting places like Florence, Rome, and Montone. Art professor Gary Moeller said students will learn aspects of painting, photography, sculptor, art history and more.

While in Italy the students stay in a medieval village and do much of their work outside or in a historic blacksmith shop. Student Rob Paine, from last year’s class trip, liked blacksmithing, "One thing I really enjoyed is it’s a lot of hands on stuff, it’s not any newer machines they use these days, you got your hammer, and you got an open flame fire”.

Aside from hands-on art classes, there will be museum visits and cultural festivals. The course is offered to show students the difference between U.S. and Italian art and to introduce them to historic works and diverse cultures. The trip is scheduled for June and limited space is available, so apply now if you are interested. The fine arts department is now taking applications for the summer program. Sign up on the RSU Studies-At-Large web site.