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Interns for the Win

By student Marcus O'Brien

One thing students tend to worry about is where to go after their degree. Internships usually move careers ahead.

Even if it is just busy work, interning is a great advantage for your resume. Interns can also see firsthand what they want to do or where they need to go to get experience.

Communications student Nikki Forehand says, "The internship literally fell into my lap. I got an internship with the RSU Radio station and I am now the voice of the top 20 countdown.”

Forehand said one day her professor asked if anybody was interested in doing an internship at a radio station. Forehand jumped on the opportunity knowing this could lead her closer to what she wants to do.  "I wanted to learn how to work in the radio station and work on being a DJ. The internship at the radio station has taught me both and will definitely look nice on my resume,” Forehand said.

Forehand was offered the spot on the top 20 countdown shortly after she started interning and can be heard every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. on 91.3 FM, KRSC, real college radio. 

To find places to intern regarding your degree, ask your professors and they can lead you towards businesses willing to accept students.