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RSU Honors Program

By student Ryan Floyd

Do you have what it takes to join RSU’s most prestigious scholarship program? Would you like to receive a great education for free? Would you like to develop friendships with people who will help you succeed? Well the RSU Honors Program is for you.

I asked Honors student Jessica Windschitl about her favorite part of Honors. "We get everything for free!” jokes Windschitl.  She may say that with a laugh, but it is true. The Honors Program provides its students with a scholarship covering tuition, fees, books and on-campus housing. The students receive a five-hundred dollar annual stipend as well.

But Honors is more than just free stuff. The students do have to excel in the classroom.
Clayton Froese explains, "We have to read a lot of books!”  Windschitl chimes in, "That’s true. And every fall we have Honors seminar. We also form strong study groups. The other people in Honors really help you to succeed.”

The Honors Program is very competitive however. The program is only opened to incoming freshman with a high school GPA of at least 3.5. Students must also have made a 26 or higher on the ACT. Potential members must also provide references and complete an on-campus interview. But as Windschitl will tell you, it is worth it.  "The Honors Program is great for people who want to continue their education. A lot of the Honors students want to go on to graduate school. Honors gives us a great head start,” says Windschitl.

If you would like more information on the RSU Honors Program please click the link below.