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Why Fine Arts

By student Jessi Blythe Ammon

In Northeast Oklahoma, Rogers State University is one of a kind. It is the only public university to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The decision to offer the BFA was simply because there was a need for it. Professor Gary Moeller said a student survey showed just that. "What influenced adding the BFA is… student interest, there was nothing like that in Northeast Oklahoma from a state university, a Bachelor of Arts, but not Bachelor of Fine Arts. It was a niche that needed to be filled.”

Reasons to choose RSU are- it’s close to home, it’s cost effective and has smaller class sizes. But the best reason to get a degree in art at RSU is to make money doing what you love. There’s a choice of several courses depending on which direction you prefer, art history, studio art, or graphic arts. Not sure about art as a full time career, there are also a graphic arts minor or art history and studio art minor.

Students are passionate about creating and learning at the same time. Student Marcus O’Brien said the art department is a good addition. "I think it’s great. I think they do a lot of stuff for the campus and add creativity to the Hillcats.” Find your creative niche at RSU. Learn more about the Department of Fine Arts.