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RSU Choir

By student Jessi Blythe Ammons

You’ve heard of singing for your supper, now you can sing for college credit. RSU is starting a chorus. It is the newest part of the rapidly growing music program. Student Liz Harper thought it was exciting news, "It is a great addition to the music department.”

The choir will begin singing in spring. Lots of preparations are being made to make sure everything is ready. Music Director, Joe Cernuto, said finding a director took some time, but he is happy with the decision. "The choir director is going to be Mr. Lonnie Liggitt, a respected choral director from the area who currently directs the choir at First Presbyterian Church in Claremore.”

Cernuto added that it is a great class for students who need to earn elective credits. The class will earn one credit. There is no audition or permission needed to join the choir. You just have to register.

The choir will meet on Tuesday nights from 5:50 to 8:15pm in the auditorium. So sing your way toward graduation. Register now for mixed choir, Music1211- Choir 1.