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Mark Lane

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Radio Student Overcomes Cancer

By student Kyle Olson

RSU student Mark Lane does not know the meaning of quit. After battling cancer in his teen years, he willed himself to never give up. "I just didn’t ever feel like I was going to die. And parents were helped out a lot through God. Scriptures got them through the whole ordeal, he said.”

He was invited onto a local radio station in Arkansas where he talked about what he wanted to do. "I told them I wanted to be on radio and they told me that I had a very good shot at it after listening to my interview.”

With the desire to one day be on the radio, he set out for Rogers State University. Within only a few months he was on air and gaining an audience. "I love my radio show, the best part is hearing from callers, and them telling me I’m doing great. That is way better than the bosses telling me I’m doing well,” said Lane.

This fighter also has a YouTube account where has numerous videos regarding the Dallas Cowboys. He also talks about his experience with cancer in the aptly titled "Cancer Project.” He also has big plans for after he graduates RSU. "I want to have my own talk radio show. I want to deal with all kinds of issues, not limit myself to one certain area,” he excitedly explained.

Nothing stood in the way of this fighter. He battled an often fatal disease and fought his way to the radio airways. We are lucky to have a student like Mark Lane at Rogers State University.