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Josh Compton"The RSU - ConocoPhillips internship jumpstarted my career. I had a job offer before I completed my degree and I gained valuable experience within the corporate culture.”

-– Josh Compton (B.S. ’10)


Internships & Co-op Opportunities

Internship or co-op: What’s best for me? To meet the diverse needs of students, different approaches to experiential learning are available.

The Internship Opportunity: An internship is a structured and supervised work experience in the areas related to a student’s major. At RSU, internships are three credit hour, senior-level classes.

The Co-op Opportunity: Co-op educational opportunities are structuredmethods of combining classroom- based education with practical work experience. They provide academic credit for structured job experience and provide an experiential learning experience that is not possible in the classroom.

ConocoPhillips Internship & Co-op Opportunities

RSU and ConocoPhillips work together to place students at the company’s office in Bartlesville as interns and co-op employees. Students majoring in business, information technology and related fields gain valuable real-world experience and feedback while working under the supervision of professionals.

The demands and expectations are as real as the lessons every student finds during the experience. Qualified students may receive a full-time job offer at the completion of their internship or co-op program. Internships are available for those with the flexibility to commit to a fulltime program. The Co-op provides students the opportunity to work with a dynamic company while allowing time to take classes.

Internship Requirements

Students must submit an internship proposal to their department head for the semester the student wishes to enroll by the due dates shown below:

  • Fall - August 1
  • Spring - January 1
  • Summer - May 1

Students will be required to:

  • work 150 hours during the semester
  • complete a daily journal of their work assignments
  • submit progress reports on a weekly basis

The internship supervisor also will submit two evaluation reports during the semester. Employers may have academic requirements students must meet before applying, including GPA requirements. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

Students working in an officeThe RSU School of Business and Technology can assist you in locating and obtaining internship or co-op opportunities.

Set Yourself Apart

RSU students have participated in internship and co-op opportunities with companies across the region, including:

  • ConocoPhillips
  • Grand River Dam Authority
  • Fastenal
  • Kraft
  • Pixley
  • Pryor Chamber of Commerce
  • Y-12 National Security Complex

Students stand to gain invaluable practical experience from an internship or co-op opportunity, and benefits such as:

  • an expanded professional network
  • first-hand perspective of career field
  • opportunity to learn career-specific skills
  • experience and references for the resume
  • greater confidence
  • a competitive edge in future job searches

Contact Information

To get more information about the RSU School of Business Internship and Co-Op Opportunities Program, or to apply for admission to the program, please contact:

Dr. Bert Tollison
Department Head and Professor, Department of Business