Department of Business

SIFE - Rogers State UniversityStudents in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

Students at RSU experience first-hand the world of business and free enterprise through the many educational outreach activities of SIFE.

The local chapter founded at RSU in 2004 is part of an active, global organization. SIFE globally has the support of over 1,900 teams in 42 countries, with over 500 donor companies including Wal-Mart, Pepsi, and Walgreens.


The mission of SIFE is to learn, practice, and teach the principles of the free enterprise system through educational outreach projects, designed to target members from the community and abroad.

RSU SIFE is active on all fronts at Rogers State University. The group has the full support of faculty and staff, plus a growing interest from the student body. The RSU SIFE Business Advisory board consists of several familiar faces from around the community and is continually expanding.

This organization membership is open to any and all students attending RSU. Membership is also extended to individuals or groups interested in becoming members of the advisory board.