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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees* Credit Hour
Oklahoma Residents

RSU Courses $76.00 $41.00 $117.00
RSU Online Courses 76.00 95.25 171.25
RSU Nursing Courses 91.00 41.00 132.00


RSU Courses




RSU Online Courses




RSU Nursing Courses




*RSU Fees per credit hour include:
$7.30 facility fee, $9.45 activity fee, $2.75 assessment fee, $5.5- library fee, $7.00 technology fee, and $2.00 parking fee.

RSU Online course fees per credit hour include:
$7.00 technology fee, $5.50 library fee, $2.75 assessment fee, and $55.00 sevice fee.

Institutional tuition and fee policies must adhere to the policies of the State Regents for Higher Education.  Tuition and fees may be changed at the discretion of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. In addition to the above fees, there are charges for special services provided to students by the college for direct personal benefit.

Additional fees, when applicable: (Lab and special fees are indicated in the schedule when required).

Distance Learning/Telecourses

 $20.00 Per credit hour

Lab Fee 

   25.00 Per course

Research Fees
-SBS 4513
-BIOL 4702

     10.00 Per credit hour

Records Fee 

     5.00 Per semester

Remedial Fee

    20.00 Per credit hour

Cultural and Recreational Service Fee 

    10.00 Per semester

International Fee - Fall and Spring

    15.00 Per semester

          International Fee - Summer       10.00 Per Semester

Graduation Fee 

     20.00 (One time fee)

Nursing Malpractice Insurance Fees

RSU nursing or paramedic students are charged a malpractice insurance fee or a liability fee which is payable during an academic year. These are annual fees required of all nursing or paramedic students. 

Some nursing and paramedic programs require additional charges for medical supplies and testing fees as follows.

Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Fees

Listed by course

EMS 1108 $110.00   NURS 1117 $145.00
EMS 1208 140.00   NURS 1435 145.00
EMS 1124 225.00   NURS 1228 135.00
EMS 1225 20.00   NURS 2138 125.00
EMS 2104 50.00   NURS 2246 100.00
EMS 2125 115.00   NURS 1813 20.00
EMS 2224 85.00   HLSC 2183 20.00

Computer Programming Fees

CS 2223 $20.00
CS 2323 5.00
CS 2153 5.00