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PSY 1113 Introduction to Psychology

A survey of basic principles underlying human behavior. Areas covered include scientific methods of inquiry, biological foundations, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, emotion, motivation, abnormal behavior, and therapy.


PSY 2003 The Psychology of Death and Dying

An examination of the psychology of the dying person, and the measuring of death to him, his family, and associates. Attitudes toward death and the function of bereavement are explored. Implications of research of death for earlier life periods are examined. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 2083 Current Topics in Psychology

This course will focus on current topics in psychology not covered in existing course offerings. Intended for the purpose of offering high interest course topics during the semester. It may be repeated with changes of topic. Content varies with instructor.


PSY 2413 Psychology of Adolescence

The study of normal physiological, intellectual, and emotional aspects of adolescents. Emphasis is on normal development and change as well as psychological and cultural forces affecting them. Issues such as suicide and gangs will be discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 2713 Psychology of the Older Adult

A study of the normal physiological, intellectual, and emotional aspects of the aging population. The nature and problems of the older adult in modern American society will be discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 2933 Human Sexuality

A study of the crucial problems involved in understanding human sexuality. Designed to provide scientific information in the following areas: anatomy, psychological and sociological phenomena of human sexuality; sexual behavior patterns; social mores; and the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors in sexual functioning. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 3013 Abnormal Psychology

The objective of this course is to provide a brief overview of the wide spectrum of mental disorders (psychopathology). Among other things, examines the definition, classification, etiology, characteristics, and different treatment modalities of several behavioral deficits. Emphasis will be on clinical aspects of each disorder and the application of diagnostic criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). Additionally, students will be introduced to empirical research by reading and answering questions from selected scientific journal articles.


PSY 3023 Social Psychology

Social Psychology is fundamental to the study of psychology and the human sciences. In this course, major theories, methods and research findings that comprise the discipline of social psychology are examined from a critical standpoint. The primary objective of this course is to increase studentsí awareness of the social, historical, and political dimension to psychological understanding. The application of theoretical and empirical work to real world social problems is emphasized.


PSY 3033 Developmental Psychology

A life span course designed to provide an understanding of human behavior and characteristics from conception to death. Information is included on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development at each period of the life span. Emotional aspects associated with development will be discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 3043 Child Psychology

This course provides an understanding of human behavior and mental processes from conception through adolescence. Includes study for the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of the child. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 3053 History and Systems of Psychology

Survey of the history of the various dogma, theories, technology, and methodological approaches to the behavioral sciences. Prerequisite: PSY 1113.


PSY 4013 Clinical Psychology

This course is designed for undergraduate psychology majors with an interest in clinical psychology. The intent is to provide a survey of the field including the history, scope, methods, concepts, and profession of clinical psychology. We will also review the different theoretical perspectives that constitute the discipline. The objective of this course is to provide the student with a broad, solid foundation in clinical psychology in preparation for further training in a mental health profession or psychology graduate program.


PSY 4023 Physiological Psychology

An examination of the biological basis of behavior with emphasis on the structural and functional anatomy of the central nervous system. Prerequisite: PSY 1113 and Junior standing.