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Political Science

Political Science

POLS 1113 American Federal Government

A study of the principles, structures, processes and functions of the United States federal government.


POLS 2023 Introduction to Political Theory

An introduction to the politics of relations between nations. Students will study diplomacy, peace, defense, conflict and conflict resolution. A research paper, exams and other writing are required. Prerequisite: POLS 1113 or instructor’s permission.


POLS 2033 (LA) American Legal System

A general perspective of the legal system and judicial branch of government; introducing legal terminology, survey of practices, and ethics of legal profession.


POLS 2043 Introduction to Comparative Politics

An introduction to the methods of comparative political science examining the differences in political systems and political cultures. A research paper, exams, and other writing are required. Prerequisite: POLS 1113 American Federal Government or instructor’s permission.


POLS 2153 Civil Rights and Liberties

The politics, theory and jurisprudence of civil rights and liberties in America are examined. A research paper, exams, and other writing are required. Prerequisite: POLS 1113 American Federal Government or instructor’s permission.


POLS 2253 Political Practicum

Monthly seminar structured to involve students in a supervised manner in the political process. No less than 32 additional hours spent in campaign activity verified by an approved campaign manager.


POLS 2890 Topics in Politics

A seminar in selected topics in politics. Topics vary each time course is offered. (1–3 credit hours.)


POLS 3013 State and Local Government

This course will explore the types of governments within states, municipalities, and other forms of local government as well as the influence of politics and recent trends affecting state, county, and municipal governments. An examination of contemporary issues will include civil rights, education, poverty, welfare, health, corrections, finance, and taxation. Special emphasis will be given to state and local government in Oklahoma.


POLS 3023 Introduction to Public Administration

This course will cover general concepts of public administration and the significance of administration in the modern state. Course content will include an analysis of administrative theory, structure, and organization; dynamics of management and decision making; and fiscal, personnel and operational administration.


POLS 3033 Introduction to Public Policy

This course introduces the study of public policy by relating social problems to processes for conflict resolution. Topics include problem identification, policy formulation, institutional decision making, policy implementation and evaluation, and opportunities for reform and change.


POLS 3043 An Introduction to Political Ideas

This course explores the impact of political ideas and ideological systems of thought, focusing particularly on major ideologies that have emerged in nineteenth and twentieth-century political thought.


POLS 3053 International Relations

This course introduces students to the dynamics of relationships among nation-states. An important element of this course is the introduction of world-views including realism, idealism, and the various behaviorist models that have emerged in the last 30 years.


POLS 3063 Constitutional Law

An exploration and analysis of the constitutional foundations of American law and government, the different methods of constitutional interpretation, and of the law’s function as a basic medium for resolving conflict in a federal constitutional democracy. Prerequisite: POLS 1113.


POLS 3113 American Court System

An analysis of the characteristics and functions of the American Court Systems, Prerequisite: POLS 1113.


POLS 4013 Campaigns, Elections, and Voting

This course will analyze factors influencing voting choices, campaign strategies and techniques, changes and trends in U.S. elections, and methods of predicting and interpreting election results.


POLS 4023 Democracy

This course will examine the concept of democracy from its historical foundations to current issues challenging democracy in the twenty-first century.


POLS 4033 American Foreign Policy

A survey course in the evolution of American foreign policy. This course will consider the role the United States plays in world affairs, and the relationship between the United States, foreign governments, and the various non-governmental and international organizations that constitute the international community.


POLS 4043 The Media and Politics

A survey of the role the media plays in the governing process. This course will examine the mediating relationship the media plays between governmental actors and citizens: the importance of information, its impact on public opinion, and the quality of news coverage of politics.