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Information Technology

Information Technology

IT 1411 Orientation to Computer Technology

The student will be introduced to such varied topics as common IT terminology, career planning, basic programming logic, ethics, and other IT issues. The Business Information Technology portfolio project will also be discussed.


IT 2143 Introduction to Networking

Explores the theory and terminology of both local and wide area computer networks and their proper application to business and industry problems. Corequisite: IT 1411 or equivalent.


IT 2153 Network Operating Systems I

A popular operating system will be covered in detail. A study of components, functions, and relationships of computer operating systems and their interactions with user programs will be offered. Prerequisite: IT 2143 or instructor's permission.


IT 3113 Integrated Applications

Course emphasizing the customization of the off-the-shelf software such as MS Office Applications from the recording of macros to the creation of add-ons using VBA. Prerequisites: CS 1113, CS 2323, or instructor’s permission.


IT 3153 Network Operating Systems II

Network operating systems used in an enterprise networking context. Investigates general networking principles and capabilities. Prerequisite: CS 2153.


IT 3253 Advanced TCP/IP Administration

This course is a study of the requirements for implementing, administering, and troubleshooting the execution of information systems that incorporate TCP/IP. Prerequisite: IT 2143.

IT 3333 Fundamentals of Electronics
Introduction to electronics, basic circuit and systems concepts including a study of resistors, sources, capacitors, inductors, operational amplified diodes, and bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). Includes mathematical models of components and Kirchoff’s laws. Prerequisite: Math 2464 Analytical Geometry and Calculus III. 

IT 3413 Electromagnetics
Vector analysis applied to static electric and magnetic fields, development of Maxwell’s equations, elementary boundary-value problems, and determination of capacity and inductance. Prerequisite: IT 3333. 

IT 3443 Digital Design
Study includes combinational circuits, optimization of finite-state machines, computer-aided design algorithms, two-level and multilevel optimization, design of sequential systems, Mealy/Moore machines, state diagrams, ASM charts, alternative implementations, state equivalence, and state reduction. Prerequisite: IT 2723 Computer Architecture. 

IT 3723 Computer Architecture

The hardware levels of a computer are examined from gate level through the microprocessor. The roles of machine language, assembly language, BIOS, and the operating system are explored. Prerequisite: CS 2323.


IT 3753 Network Security

This course is a study of the requirements for implementing, administering, and troubleshooting a secure Internet access strategy in various networking situations. Prerequisite: IT 3153.


IT 4113 Networking Routing

This course is the study of the requirements for implementing, administering, and troubleshooting the execution of network topologies. Prerequisite: IT 3253.

IT 4223 Analog and Digital Circuits Lab
Introduction to digital logic, counters, registers, and the design of circuits using transistor amplifier designs, oscillators, comparators and filters. Also includes circuits incorporating digital logic, counters, and memories. Prerequisites: IT 3333, PHYS 1214.

IT 4313 Emerging Technologies

An in-depth evaluation of emerging technologies. Students will be expected to research, evaluate, and present the marketability and viability of new hardware, software and general trends in IT. Prerequisite: Completion of four 3000 level CS/IT classes.

IT 4333 Introduction to Signals and Systems.
Introduction to the topics of time and frequency analysis and design of continuous and discrete systems and signals. Examination of continuous-time linear systems: Fourier series, Fourier transform, bilateral La-place transform. Also includes discrete-Fourier transform, bilinear z-transform, sampling, quantization, and discrete time processing. Prerequisite: IT 3333 Fundamentals of Electronics. 

IT 4504 Capstone and Practicum

Small group project that integrates the materials in required courses. Includes discussions about professional and ethical issues. Prerequisites: Senior status and permission of instructor.