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Grading Policy and Grade Point Calculations

Grading Policy and Grade Point Calculations

Definitions of Grading Terms

In accordance with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Grading Policy, the following types of grading entries with respective definitions will be used for instructional transcript notations:

Grades Used in the Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)                                                         

                                                            Grade Point

Grade             Note                          Per Hour


Excellent 4


Good 3


Average 2


Below Average 1


Failure 0

Other Symbols


An incomplete may be used to indicate that additional work is necessary to complete a course. It is not a substitute for an “F,” and no student may be failing a course at the time an “I” grade is issued. To receive an “I,” the student should have satisfactorily completed 70 percent of the course work for the semester but be unable to complete the remaining work due to extenuating circumstances. In order for an “I” to be awarded, a contract, signed by the student and faculty member, must be on file in the Office of the Registrar. If the contract is not fulfilled within the allotted timeframe, the instructor has the option of allowing the "I" to stand or awarding an "F." An "I" is GPA neutral.


Audit status is used for the student not interested in obtaining a course grade, but who is enrolled simply to gain course information. An “AU” is GPA neutral. The allowable time to change an enrollment status from audit to credit or credit to audit is within the first ten class days of a regular semester or within the first five days of the summer term. Students changing their enrollment status from audit to credit must meet institutional admission/retention standards.


Used to indicate that the instructor did not submit the semester grade to the Registrar by the appropriate deadline. The “N” must be replaced by the appropriate letter grade prior to the end of the subsequent semester. An “N” is GPA neutral.


Withdrawals transacted during the first ten days of a regular semester or during the first five days of a summer term will not be recorded on the student transcript. A “W” will be recorded on the transcript for all withdrawals occurring during the third through the twelfth week of a regular (fall or spring) semester and during the second through sixth week of a summer term. No course withdrawals, including complete withdrawals, are permitted during the last four weeks of the term. These deadlines are for regularly scheduled full-term courses.  All other courses will have proportional withdrawal timelines. A “W” is GPA neutral.

Student/s cannot be graded with a "W" unless they have initiated a withdrawal during the proper date guidelines as listed above.


An administrative withdrawal may be assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs to indicate that a student has been “involuntarily” withdrawn from class(es) after the institution's drop-and-add period for administrative, disciplinary, or financial reasons. Such withdrawals must follow formal institutional procedures. An “AW” is GPA neutral.


The "P" grade is neutral indicating minimal course requirements have been met and credit has been earned. It may also be used to indicate credit earned through advance standing or CLEP examinations. Although the "P" grade is neutral, it is counted in the total number of attempted hours for retention and the total number of attempted and earned hours for graduation.


The "N" grade is neutral and indicates that a student did not meet minimum requirements in a course designated for P/NP grading. Although the "NP" grade is neutral, it is counted in the total number of attempted hours for retention and the total number of attempted and earned hours for graduation.

Grade Point Averages

The retention/graduation GPA is used to determine a student’s eligibility to remain enrolled or graduate from an institution. Activity courses and forgiven course work are not calculated in the retention/ graduation GPA.

The cumulative GPA includes grades for all course work, including activity courses and forgiven course work. This GPA may be used for financial aid or eligibility for graduation honors.

Remedial courses, audited courses, and courses in which the grades of I, W, AW, P, NP and N are given are not calculated in the retention/graduation or cumulative GPA’s.

Remedial Courses

Remedial courses are pre-college courses designed to prepare students for collegiate-level course work. Thus, remedial courses are to be coded as zero-level and collegiate-level credit may not be awarded for the completion of such courses. Remedial courses are graded with letter grades. Regardless of the grades awarded, remedial courses are not calculated in the retention/ graduation or cumulative GPAs.