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Honors Program

Mission Statement

The Rogers State University Honors Program supports the larger vision and mission of Rogers State University. The Rogers State University Honors Program aspires to challenge talented students to develop intellectual curiosity, intellectual rigor, independent reasoning, creative thinking, superior communication skills, strong leadership abilities, a system for ethical decision making, and a desire for life-long learning. Students with strong academic records and motivation to excel personally and academically join with select faculty to form a university community that supports outstanding scholarship, personal growth, and service.

The specific mission of the Rogers State University Honors Program is to provide an education in a collaborative, experiential, learning-based environment of faculty and students and to produce graduates of the program who act as agents of change in their academic, professional, and personal lives, cultivate the community approach to life and learning, hold lasting commitments to academic and social responsibility, integrate creative and critical thinking in diverse approaches to problem solving, embrace the principles and practices of the life-long learner, value pluralism and informed civic discourse, and explore technology and information literacy as critical resources for life in the twenty-first century.

Honors courses at RSU are specifically designed to challenge students, as well as provide a supportive learning environment for this community of scholars. The honors courses are designed to integrate curriculum, develop and integrate learning communities, and assist in the integration and oversight of service-learning opportunities.

Students desiring acceptance into the RSU Honors Program must meet the following requirements:

1)    26 or better on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT


2)    3.3 high school or transfer grade point average


3)    Application and admission to Rogers State University,


4)    Application to Rogers State University Honors Program, including:


a.    Application packet with high school and college transcripts and ACT/SAT scores,


b.    Three reference letters from persons who are aware of academic potential and work ethic, of which at least two must be academic references, and


5)    Written responses to two essay questions.

For further information about the Honors Program, contact Dr. James Ford at (918) 343-7749.