Department of Biology

Girl looking through microscope with professor assisting.The Department of Biology offers a diverse combination of traditional laboratory and empirically based components of the biological sciences.

Our students will gain the skills and experiences necessary to be competitive for post-graduation professional programs and related careers. Our programs feature a unique curriculum that emphasizes genetics, chemistry and physics.

Our faculty have a wide range of biological expertise. We offer a variety of courses each semester, with options for students to take directed studies courses and internships. Class size is small, with 20-40 students in each course. 

Throughout their course of study, students participate in a variety of lab work and field experiences. Each student plans and executes a research project during their junior/senior year working closely with their faculty mentor during the process.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Department of Biology at Rogers State University is to support students in their pursuit of knowledge in biology and life science. Our purposes are:

  1. To increase the student's critical thinking and reasoning abilities.
  2. To increase the student's understanding and appreciation of the biological world, and the ability to apply this understanding in his/her personal and professional life.
  3. To increase the student's awareness of the benefits of incorporation of technology into science studies.
  4. To increase the student's ability to interpret and understand his/her world.
  5. To prepare a student to matriculate into a four-year degree program in math or science-related fields or graduate.
  6. To serve as a resource for the community, utilizing the expertise of the faculty.